Spring Crown Tournament

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April 22-23, 2023

Greetings Unto All Who Come By These Letters!

Their Royal Majesties invite you to Their Barony of Fontaine dans Sable for this, Their Spring Crown Tournament.  King Bardolf fulfills the Promise of the Outlands by holding a great and noble tournament to find Heirs to the Stag Throne.  Queen Sabiha, the last Lonely Mountain Defender of Dragons, will watch on with Grace, Beauty, and Determination.

Together, they have ruled wisely over Their lands and the Outlands has prospered greatly, but the time has come to find suitable Heirs. Come witness the finest Armored Combat the Kingdom has to offer. The Pageantry and Gallantry of this tournament is not to be missed!!! Many are those who will compete but only a single fighter and their consort shall emerge victorious and become the Crown Prince and Princess of the Outlands and Heirs to the Mighty Stag Throne! So come, watch as the future of the Kingdom of the Outlands unfolds and enjoy the Oasis that is Fontaine dans Sable.