Warders of the Western Gate 2023

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While the winds of change are in the air, we, the populace of the Barony of Fontaine dans Sable invite one and all to the Western Gate of the Mighty Outlands for Fontaine’s first camping event since before the Dark Times.

Come, and drink deep of the waters of Fontaine as we determine the next Sable (Armored Combat), Azure (Rapier Combat), Vert (Arts and Sciences), and Argent (Archery) Warders!!!  These mighty champions guard the Western Gate of this mighty Kingdom.  The current Warders grow weary and are in desperate need of reprieve!!!

In addition to choosing the mighty champions of Fontaine dans Sable, this year’s Warders of the Western Gate we will be celebrating 40 years as a group!!!  To mark this auspicious occasion, we shall be dedicating an entire day to anniversary related activities by putting the “Fun” back into “Funtaine” and hosting a series of unique activities that harken to the days of yore.

So please, come to the Oasis that IS Fontaine dans Sable to enjoy the hospitality that is Fontaine dans Sable and then ask yourself…”Do I have what it takes to be one of the next Warders of the Western Gate?”