Spring Crown Tournament Fundraisers

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The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable will be holding several opportunities for attendees to support the Royal and Coronet Travel Funds. All proceeds from these activities will be split 50/50 between the two Funds.

Donation Luncheon: The Barony will be serving soups/stews. We invite all in attendance to partake of the offerings. Donations are not required but any cash donations that people choose to leave would be greatly appreciated. We will also have breads available along with water, coffee, and iced tea.

Silent Auction*: We have commitments from some fabulous artisans. Click on this link for a preview of the items! Please note, this is NOT an online auction. This will take place in person at the event on Saturday, April 22.

Trim Sale*: Come stock up on trim for garb and other projects!

Donation Market*: Sometimes people do not have the funds to participate in the silent auctions, especially if the auction items are very popular or if the individual is new to the SCA and still building their kit. For this fundraiser, we are gathering donations of a range of general use items and then will have them available for individuals to pay what they feel the item is worth (or what they can afford, as we want this to be as inclusive as possible) to add to their kit or supplies. We hope that this allows anyone at the event to take something home with them, if they wish to! If you have items you would like to donate please contact Lady Amber Macrae (Amber Jacquez on Facebook or you may call/text her at 505-402-3676).

*Cash is always welcome for all fundraisers, but for these three, we will accept credit/debit card payments for charges $5 and up.