Warders of the Western Gate 2019


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As Summer turns to Fall, the hordes to the west gather, desperate to claim the Pridelands of the Outlands before the onset of Winter, and Our great König and Königin, Iohann and Martine, continue Their Great Pilgrimage. Were it not for the strength and effort of Our Warders of the Western Gate, the fair Barony of Fontaine dans Sable and indeed the Kingdom of the Outlands would be over run!

But our Coronets’ grow heavy and Our Warders grow weary from a year’s labor and while they would never admit it, they need and indeed deserve a quiet rest. To that end, We seek Our retirement and Our Heirs will assume Their new duty to the Crown and the Coronet to search for new Warders to continue the battle: Sable to meet our foes in Armored Combat, Azure to pierce them with their fine blade, Argent to rain down arrows upon our enemy, Vert to remind them of the beautiful arts they protect, or to provide functional art to aid them, Wee to celebrate the youth, and the Bard of Fontaine to record Their great deeds!

So ready yourself and come to the treasured lands of Fontaine dans Sable, join us in celebration of the new Coronet of Fontaine dans Sable, and then ask yourself…Do I have what it takes to be the next Warder of the Western Gate?