Warders Competitions

Sable Warder (Heavy Weapons)
Current champion – Master Otto Schwarz Herz

Azure Warder (Rapier)
Current champion – Lord Joseph Grimm

This year the tournament will be an under 40″ inch weapon, bear pit format with a final round double dagger.

Argent Warder (Archery)
Current champion – THL Wilhelm Reissen

The competitors of this Warder will be shooting at the Pendulum of Arrow Doom.

Vert Warder (A&S)
Current champion – Lord William Stuart

Open to all mediums, no theme. Please include a one page description of what you made and what inspired you to make it.

Wee Warder (Youth)
Current champion –

Open to all youth under age 14.

Bard of Fontaine
Current champion – THL Wyolet Bertrem

Competitors should prepare two pieces, they may be spoken or sung.

Black & Blue Competition
Current champion – Lord Rafael Chavira

Open to all mediums, submissions must feature the colors black & blue. The Populace will choose the winner.

Fab Five Largesse Donation Derby
This is a largess competition. Each entrant will make 5 pieces of largess, similar in nature but they do not have to be exactly the same. Each piece will need to be tagged with the entrants name and description of the piece. Each entrant will get to choose a piece of largess to take home. The rest will be given to Their Excellencies of Fontaine to gift as largess, as they see fit. We will also have a populace vote on this competition as well.