Warders Competitions

Sable Warder (Heavy Weapons)
Current champion – Lord Yosef Grim
Bring your best until the final round. Final round format TBA.

Azure Warder (Rapier)
Current champion – Lord Marius Belisarius

Argent Warder (Archery)
Current champion – Master Angus Reid McFarlane
This competition will be an open roving shoot to determine the top 3 entrants. The finalists will compete head to head (format TBD) on Sunday (time TBD).

Vert Warder (A&S)
Current champion – Lady Eibhlean McRae
Inspiration! Create a project that was inspired by the SCA or someone in it. Explain what or how the inspiration came to be. Documentation is 3-5 pages, include your inspiration in your documentation. The winner will be chosen by Their Excellencies with help from judges.

Wee Warder (Youth)
Current champion – Illea

Bard of Fontaine
Current champion – Lady Keina MacRath
Competitors will prepare 2 pieces: 1 piece of your choice and 1 piece that is a different medium than your usual (for example, if you usually sing then tell a story, if you usually do a poem consider singing a song, and so forth).

Black & Blue Competition
Current champion – Lady Eibhlean McRae
Make any A&S project in black and/or blue. Documentation is a 3×5 notecard with a description of what your project is. The winner will be chosen by populace vote and will receive a prize.

Fab Five Largesse Donation Derby
This is a largess competition. Each entrant will make 5 pieces of largess, similar in nature but they do not have to be exactly the same. Each piece will need to be tagged with the entrants name and description of the piece. Each entrant will get to choose a piece of largess to take home. The rest will be given to Their Excellencies of Fontaine to gift as largess, as they see fit. We will also have a populace vote on this competition as well.